why, you axe me, do i say say axe, not ask? why, i ax you, is you so ig-na-ant?

Oxford English Dictionary

ask, v.

forms: OE acsi, axi, ahxi, axsi-an

i could stop right here, but since yo is too smart fo yo own good,

and cuz i luv yo,

i won’t

Oxford English Dictionary: ask, v.

the media or/and/or medias is or/and/or are very concerned

Acsian, axian, survived in ax, down to nearly 1600 [as] (sic) the regular literary form, and [is] (sic) still used everywhere in midl. and southern dialects, though supplanted in standard English by ask, originally the NORTHERN [YANKEE, IMPERIALIST] form

Ask be Racist

Ask be Racist

ax predates ask by 400 years

ax predates ask by 400 years

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