this portion of the 2nd Philippine Economic Revolution (which starts today, beeteebuds) is dedicated to THE one Human on Our One Good Earth, who taught me what, according to the Coloma Hawz Style Guide, “the Truth, the WHOLE Truth, and NOTHING BUT the TRUTH,* means (BOHBEEE please note proper use of serial commas, also,; uy! salamat ha?!)

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Kumander Ka Laskador

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when i made this thing

it was because

i thought of that day

ya whooped mah ass

for a presscon

at manila hotel

that went on

and on

and on on and on

(you said)

(i thought the 2 hours waz mebbe overlong; but The Voices in My Head – you know)

you said

this was the ONLY bit



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* yah i know, bohbee, k? “failure to close quote.

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