The Solution – from Covey, The 8th Habit

An organization’s success at the consistent delivery of outstanding service is merely the cumulative result of the contribution of each of its members. Outstanding service is just the consequence of each individual’s choice to be great at service. That’s our decision, as individual providers, to make. It’s our responsibility. And it’s our gain.

Notes from Chapter 3, The 8th Habit, Stephen Covey

Most of the great cultural shifts started with the choice of one person. Sometimes it was the formal leader; most of the time, it was not.

These agents of change first changed themselves, then inspired and lifted others. They possessed an anchored sense of identity, discovered their strengths and talents, and used them to produce results.

  • People like this don’t get sucked in or pulled down by all the negative, demoralizing, insulting forces in the organization
  • Their organizations are no better than most organizations
  • All organizations are, to some degree, a mess
  • Don’t wait for your boss or organization to change
  • Be an island of excellence in a sea of mediocrity
  • Be contagious
  • Learn your true nature and gifts
  • Use them to develop a vision of great things you want to accomplish
  • Understand the needs and opportunities around you, and meet them
  • Make a difference
  • Find and use your voice
  • Serve and inspire others
  • Inspire others to find their voice
  • All of us can decide to leave behind a life of mediocrity, and to live a life of greatness
  • We all have the power to decide to live a great life
  • No matter how long we’ve walked life’s pathway to mediocrity, we can always choose to switch paths

via Customer Service Reader: Psychology.

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