“strategic management” – Michael Porter – 5 competitive forces model

In 1979, Harvard Business Review published “How Competitive Forces Shape Strategy” by a young economist and associate professor, Michael E. Porter. It was his first HBR article, and it started a “revolution” (duck! another one!) in strategic studies.

In subsequent decades, Porter brought his signature economic rigor to the study of competitive strategy for corporations, regions, nations, and, more recently, health care and philanthropy.

“Porter’s five forces” model has shaped three generations of academic researchers, managers, civil servants, and entrepreneurs.

With prodding and help from Harvard Business School Professor Jan Rivkin and longtime colleague Joan Magretta, Porter here reaffirms, updates, and extends the by-now-classic work.

Porter also addresses common misunderstandings, provides practical guidance for users of the framework, and offers a deeper view of its implications for strategy today.


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