Reemberto Rodriguez’s List of Lists

Reemberto Rodriguez, Director of the Silver Spring Regional Services Center, sent us a link to his List of Lists for Community Engagement and Neighborhood Revitalization. He calls it an “amateurish personal list” but he’s been building it with “a bunch of renegade friends, family, and foes”. We found several good resources there that hadn’t yet made it to our linkrolls:

Free Libraries Online

(from Reemberto’s list of Web-Sites For Community Building, Organizing, and Leadership)

  • Resources for Evaluating Community Organizing – includes detailed summaries of each resource so users can find the resources that are most useful for their evaluation needs. Most of the resources — case studies, tools and methodologies, and theoretical approaches to evaluation — are broadly available to the public, either through free downloads from the organization’s website, or through an e-mail request.
  • – Provides easily accessible how-to-do-it best practice information of international scope and relevance.


(from his Blogs on CE and NR list)


(from his list of Community Engagement Books Worth Reading)

Thanks Reemberto!

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