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This is the third installment in our Best practices in Community Empowerment series.

Diane Dyson (@Diane_Dyson) is Manager for Planning & Research at WoodGreen Community Services, and author of Belonging Community. She says there’s no real rhyme or reason to her selections, but thought that each of these were simply good examples of how knowledge-sharing can occur. So of course they’re mainly Canadian.

Any thoughts/stories on the practice of hoarding/sharing best practices?

There was some resistance when I wanted to publish the United Way Best Practice reviews. I believe, even the title “Best” is intimidating. Publishing your “best” only to later have it disproved is risky. I think that’s why we are seeing discussions of “promising” more.

Action for Neighbourhood Change/United Way Toronto – This list of various webresources was built to support the resident engagement work of United Way Toronto as part of its Building Strong Neighbourhoods Strategy. Knowledge exchange was an explicit part of the the BSNS strategy. I assembled this set of resources when I was a research analyst at United Way.

The final links on the page lead to two best practice pieces we commissioned, but had never shared publicly. They show, whether working with newcomer immigrants or youth, the best practice is to do “it” (basket-weaving, ping pong, etc.) for a while and to build a relationship while doing so.

Well Scotland – Lists range of literature reviews on topic of elements which promote a mentally healthy neighbourhood. – Resources to support evidence-based decision-making” in the health field. Has a very good resource list to other sites.

What Works – Good example of a useable, plain language web resource. This one is for educators in the U.S.A.

Promising Practices Catalogue/Imagine Canada – Imagine Canada is the voice for Canadian charities. It maintains an on-line searchable library, one section of which is dedicated to “promising practices.”

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