how to start and sustain a military dictatorship in the united states of america

in the last 7 million years of our primate existence, until, maybe, 12 score and 0 years ago, almost all our human families, groups, nations, and our tribes lived under an almost unbroken chain of military dictatorships.

in all of those 7 million years (-,~12.0s), the only exception may have been the endangered bonobo “dwarf” chimps, who are ruled by women, the gay, sex, and no rocks, just rolls.


the sleeping gynegaycracy. until 2005, we didnt really know that they even existed. and so, of course, we are now about to make them go extinct. (thanks homos! – love, bonos)

from alpha male, through shaman & chief, shogun & warlord, king & pope, until, more recently, generalissimo, führer, ayatollah, and commander in chief, no human who ever ruled fellow humans, ever ruled without imposing arms, or in the tight embrace of the imposing arms of the imposingly armed.

in all of those 7 million years, it is only in these recent 25 (0.000357 per centum) years that dominant powers of homo sapiens were led by civilian governments. and only mainly, some say only, some say only barely, among the united states of america and its allies.

maybe 5% of the human population, if we’re to be generous, live under democracies. maybe 50%, if we define ”democracy,, loosely, with many, many, commas, both verted and inverted. no more than 66%, if we define democracy while trying not to laugh.

and yet, with the exception of crackpots and writers of fiction, almost no one seriously thinks that a military dictatorship in the United States of America is possible, or even imaginable, and certainly not in the next 20 years, and especially not in this “bastion” (irony unintended) of civilian democracy, The USA, with all of its 240 years of experience, much of it under the de facto control of authoritarian, if not military, regimes, which committed crimes against our own humanity, for which we, as a people, continue to this day to pay.

almost no one favors or believes in an explicit (as opposed to todays implicit) military-industrial takeover, except for around 30% of america’s new, massive, professional, highly-trained, highly-lethal, highly-independent, and highly-disheartened, even disgusted, military veterans and active warriors; just about 2 million trained killers and nation builders (50000 of them homeless, who would already have their backs to the wall, except they have no walls), and many of their friends, and most of their families.

this is our how-to guide.


Next: Step One – Do what D-Day Supreme Allied Commander, then World War Hero, then US President, Dwight D Eisenhower warned us not to do. Done.

People of America, Aloha Hello, Aloha Goodbye. And Ike, I forgot to say, I never liked you, not even when i cried.

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