Community Development Research at IssueLab

IssueLab archives, distributes, and promotes the research produced by nonprofits. It archives hard-to-find research from small community-based organizations as well as large think tanks. Here are some research papers in its Community Development selection.

Demonstrating Our Values, Impact and Effectiveness: Final Report of the NeighborWorks Community Organizing Pilot Program. Contributing Organization(s): Neighborworks America

Intersection: Taking it to the Street. Contributing Organization(s): The McKnight Foundation

Resident Involvement in Community Change: The Experiences of Two Initiatives. Contributing Organization(s): Public/Private Ventures

Resident Participation: A Community-Building Strategy in Low-Income Neighborhoods. Contributing Organization(s): Neighborworks America

The Best of Both: Community Colleges and Community-Based Organizations Partner to Better Serve Low-Income Workers and Employers. Contributing Organization(s): Public/Private Ventures

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